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Alizée – Etna White



  PRODUCER:  Theresa-Eccher


  TYPE:  Car­ri­cante (70%) e Catar­ratto (30%)

  SUB-WINE REGION: Solicchiata and Passopisciaro

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Theresa Eccher was a short woman who was born when Franz Joseph the Emperor of Aus­tria was still rul­ing the val­leys eroded by the Noce River. A woman with a strong and res­olute char­ac­ter, essen­tial to face two World Wars. Some­times she was grumpy, and yet she was kind. The his­tory of her fam­ily is bound to the wine, even if the vine­yards of the Non Val­ley have been pro­gres­sively replaced by apple orchards.

Lorenz, who is com­monly con­sid­ered the founder of the Eccher dynasty of the Non Val­ley, arrived in Taio in 1810. He came from Lau­rein and moved from his parental home to marry Mar­i­anna Aizbolcher, the beau­ti­ful widow of Gae­tano Taller, the innkeeper. Actu­ally, the Eccher fam­ily has older ori­gins and an ancient nobil­ity, thanks to Leopold the Emperor in 1639.
Lorenz soon took up the innkeeper job and he quickly passed to the wine pro­duc­tion. He obvi­ously choosed the vine­yards on the Revò hill­side, that is a suit­able place for Grop­pello, the wine Franz Joseph the Emperor liked to such an extent that he req­ui­si­tioned all the production.
Theresa Eccher, the grand­daugh­ter of Lorenz, was Daniela Conta’s grand­mother. When Daniela and her hus­band Andrea Panozzo decided to resume the fam­ily tra­di­tion of wine pro­duc­tion, they both spon­ta­neously reminded that lit­tle strong woman and ded­i­cated her the new pro­duc­tion. How­ever this pro­duc­tion is not in Trentino. A strange twist of fate. Andrea Panozzo, as a jour­nal­ist and writer, has been trav­el­ling through Sicily for a few years. Sicily is the home­land of a part of his fam­ily. Andrea fell in love with those ele­gant, strong, harsh, sweet and wild places. Here beauty retrieves its real mean­ing. He bet on a spe­cial Sicil­ian area, Etna, and then he began with the first prod­uct of the new adven­ture he had wished and dreamt with his wife.

They found a vine­yard planted in 1910 and placed in an ideal loca­tion, between Solic­chi­ata and Pas­sopis­ciaro, the heart of D.O.C. (Con­trolled Des­ig­na­tion of Ori­gin, Guar­an­tee of Ori­gin) Red Etna area. The vine­yard was lov­ingly and patiently restored, until its pro­duc­tion has been restarted. The skill­ful oenol­o­gist Achille Bergami cre­ated a rig­or­ous prod­uct spec­i­fi­ca­tion, tra­di­tional but inno­v­a­tive, and they got the first wine. A strong, soft and ele­gant Red Etna, rich in dyetary min­er­als, thanks to the vol­canic moun­tain­sides. A strong-​charactered wine, so agree­able an yet barely trou­bled by the aware­ness of its cul­tural impor­tance. A very per­cep­ti­ble char­ac­ter that sug­gested the name: Altero.

First vin­tage: 2014
Guar­an­tee of ori­gin: White Etna D.O.C.
Pro­duc­tion area: Solic­chi­ata e Pas­sopis­ciaro (Catania)
Grape vari­eties: 70% Car­ri­cante, 30% Catarratto
Yield per hectare: 8 tons/​ha
Expo­sure: Etna North side, 700 – 900 mt a.s.l.
Ground fea­tures: vol­canic, with sand and vol­canic ash
Vine­yards median age: 15 – 20 years
Grape har­vest sea­son: September
Har­vest: hand-​harvesting
Wine­mak­ing: Fer­men­ta­tion Tem­per­a­ture Control
Aging: in steel tanks and bottles

Colour: bright yel­low, del­i­cate
Fra­grance: intense bou­quet refined by var­i­ous shades of fresh fruit
Taste: alive and lively, ele­gant, bal­anced, fresh, fruity with a strong aro­matic persistence
Match­ing: fish dishes, del­i­cate risotto; excel­lent as an appetizer
Sug­gested serv­ing tem­per­a­ture: 12 – 16° C
Alco­hol by vol­ume: 12,5%
Sug­ars: 2,9 g/​l
Total acid­ity: 6,9 g/​l