Benanti – Pietramarina



  PRODUCER:  Cantine Benanti

  CLASSIFICATION: Etna White Superior DOC

  TYPE:  Carricante 100%

  SUB WINE-REGION: c/da Caselle, east side of Etna, municipality of Milo


An intense white wine, rich, full, fruity with hints of flower blossom and ripe apple. It expresses its fruity finesse after four years from the harvest. It retains its organoleptic characteristics, evolving for several years.


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Denomination: Etna White Superior DOC
Production area: c.da Caselle, on the eastern side of Etna, municipality of Milo (CT). Only the Etna White produced in this region can boast the title of Superior.
Altitude: 900m a.s.l.
Climate: is to high hill with wide fluctuations in temperature between day and night
Terrain: sandy, volcanic, rich in minerals, with sub acid reaction
Variety: Carricante 100%, grown as small tree in part root. This native vine is cultivated only on Etna. The name seems to have been given by the vintners of Viagrande for its aptitude to give a constant production over the years. The bunches, at ripeness are of average length, usually scattered. The berry is medium sized with pruinose skin, green yellowish color, juicy pulp and simple and sweet taste
Planting density: 9,000 plants per hectare
Yield: 70 q.li
Vineyard age: 80 years
Vinification: the grapes ripen in the second to third week of October. They are pressed with soft pressing of the whole cluster. The fermentation takes place at a temperature of 18-20 ° C in steel tanks. The wine is left to mature for at least one year in tank, before being bottled
Ageing: in the bottle for 10-12 months