Quantico Etna White DOC



PRODUCER: Quantico


TYPE: Carricante 70%, Catarratto 20%, Grillo 10%, portainnesto 420 A

WINE SUB REGION: c.da Lavina, Linguaglossa, CT

Quantico is a wine that speaks to the heart, and like all love affairs is a “leap of faith.”
With this background begins the path to a completely natural product, without added sulfites, controlled and predictable in its natural growth path, but left free in its evolutionary dynamics. A specific methodological choice, synthesis of family winemaking tradition and innovative techniques, and intended as a “viable alternative” in that old relationship between science, consciousness and nature, which has always linked the actions of man to the ground.
Quantico expresses the natural balance between energy and matter, between intervention of the winemaker and the environment, taking care first of all plant health and therefore man. The vineyard, since its installation, is conducted without any addition of fertilizers and pesticides.


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Weight 1.20 kg

CLASSIFICATION: protected designation of origin
PRODUCTION AREA: Contrada Lavina, Linguaglossa, ct
ALTITUDE: 600 metres above sea level
EXPOSURE: East - South / East
VARIETY: Carricante 70%, 20% Catarratto, Grillo 10%, rootstock 420 A
SOIL: Variable depth subacid reaction, the Franco-sandy texture with abundant gravel. Soil typical of volcanic areas, loose, well drained and strong root exploration
TRAINING SYSTEM: espalier, orientation North-South sixth plant 2,20x0,80 m rows
PRUNING SYSTEM: cordon 90% and 10% Guyot
WINEMAKING: handpicking in boxes, soft pressing, maceration and fermentation on the skins and yeasts indigenous to 7/8 ° C for 24h. Drawing off the clean and controlled fermentation at 15 ° C for about 30 days. NATURAL WINE, WITHOUT ADDING SULPHITES

At the foot of the great Etna, Linguaglossa, in an environment has always been dedicated to viticulture, the company cultivates about 6 hectares of vineyards, hazel groves and olive groves.
The farm is located in c.da Lavina which houses over the vineyards, the future residence and cellar. The project will produce a natural wine is recent, but is grafted onto an ancient family wine tradition. Already the 800 Don Saro Raiti began to cultivate on the bare "lava lava" the first vines. From there to follow, this small but intense passion moves to the generations, until in 2009 the couple John and Vera decide to turn in "enterprise" that had managed only familiar way for years. Thus was born the "Giuliemi" company, synthesis of passion for their land, sensitivity to the environment-friendly techniques and attention to the quality of the product.

FRAGRANCE AND COLOUR: full-bodied wine with an intense golden color reminiscent of sulfur crystals. broom aromas and hints of citrus and bitter herbs that prepare the palate to receive something intense and harmonious. Flavor and acidity are a relief to the summer drought that recalls the sea feelings.
Serving temperature: 10-12 ° C