Orange Blossom Honey



PRODUCER: Terre Nere


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Precious honey and intense that embodies all the scent of orange blossom orange. Perfect in milk or tea, to sweeten teas and herbal teas, yogurt or simply on a rusk. Also excellent in cocktails or cold drinks, instead of sugar.

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Terre Nere is a young company born from the passion of two partners love their land and products sprouted and grown on land in the shadow of the volcano lava. Terre Nere is also a challenge: to enclose the many colors and flavors of an extraordinary region in a jar. The local knowledge and passion for products that - representing reality very small - no place in the global market, creates a line of canned unusual, precious and original. Their clients are wine bars, delicatessens specialized boutiques of delicatessen, the haute-cuisine restaurants and the charming hospitality in Italy and abroad.

Italian honey of orange blossom, not pasteurized.