Delights of hazelnuts

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PRODUCER: Antica Dolceria dell’Etna


Pasta made with hazelnuts Etna, sugar, honey. Soft dough covered with a blanket of hazelnuts, here the flavor of hazelnuts is enhanced even more to delight every palate.

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Since 1954, the Old Dolceria Etna, is family-owned confectionery company. I have ever since remained unchanged our unconditional love for making sweets, strict and absolute for tradition. The refinement of products, all selected and controlled origin, are the real secret of quality that generations of customers have been able to enjoy, from pure pistachio of Bronte, Hazelnut Etna, to the best Sicilian almonds. Our range of products offers the Authentic Sicilian specialties prepared in strict compliance with tradition including the delights of hazelnut, pastries pistachio, almond paste or classic orange or lemon.

In Italy the marzipan or almond paste (pasta rials in Sicilian) is a compound used in the preparation of various confectionery sweet Sicilian cuisine.
The origins of this cake are very far, in fact, seems to be born at the end of 1100.Il "real" name attributed to the dough confectionery can be traced back to the fact that it was "fit for a king" for the quality and characteristics of sweet. It is one of the most typical desserts of Sicily, where the almond pastry chefs work in the traditional way with honey, to obtain a pure almond paste, which can also be flavored with lemon or orange as well as being covered in sugar veil.
Other Sicilian specialties are pasta with hazelnut and pistachio Etna and Adrano, and the Passover Lamb of Favara made with almond paste and stuffed with pistachio cream. As the almond paste has been officially recognized as a traditional food product Sicilian and listed as traditional Italian food products. The almond paste is used in many recipes around the world.