De Aetna Etna White DOC



PRODUCER: Terra Costantino


TYPE: Carricante 80%, Catarratto 15% and Minella 5%

SUB WINE-REGION: Contrada Blandano – Viagrande (CT)


Fresh organic wine and the fruity component. Great for balance and body with a long finish


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In the south-eastern slope of Etna, in the territory of Viagrande, in Contrada Blandano, from the vineyard you can see the sea and feel the salty notes carried by the wind. Behind the Volcano protects plants from the intrusiveness of the frozen north. The company, in the heart of D.O.C. Etna, is represented by a single body of about 10 has, between 450 m and 550 m above sea level. Constantine Earth exclusively cultivated native vines of Etna white grape - Carricante and Catarratto - and red berry - Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio - in total respect of the land and the environment, and produce wines with organic certification. The sixth plant is part of 2 mt to 0.9 mt with an average density of about 5,000 vines per hectare, and in part it is planted a sapling with a sixth of 1.10 meters to 1.10 meters with a density of 8000 plants per hectare. The history of this wine is born in the centennial of Contrada Blandano cellars, among the old millstones and the modern wine-making machines. It is the story of Etna DOC, whose production is permitted only in the province of Catania, a crescent surrounding the volcano from the south to the north and the sea rises up to 1,000 meters. A long wine, at this latitude, was a product of daily consumption. Following the tenants taking stock of the changes that suffered the wine in wood, learning to make wine exalting the taste, limiting defects, amplifying the olfactory and taste sensations. Even for Terra Constantine the path was this: before Dino, and then his son Fabio, have developed a real passion for quality when they realized what were the potential of their land and its fruits.

Type: Etna DOC White
Production area: south-eastern slope of Etna, commune of Viagrande (CT), Contrada Blandano, 450-550 mt a.s.l
Grapes: Carricante 80%, Catarratto 15%, 5% Minella
Training system: back to tree and cordon
Collection: Manual
plants per ha: 6,500
q / ha Yield: 50/60
Soil: volcanic sands
Climate: extreme temperature changes between day and night
Fertilizer: No, grapes produced by organic farming
Winemaking: is the must obtained from direct pressing; after a cold static clarification fermentation occurs at a controlled temperature of 14 ° - 16 °, aging in steel for several months and then bottled
Harvest: last week of September
Production: 12000 bottles
Alcohol: 13.5%
Serving temperature: 10 ° - 12 °

The nose reveals the fruity component. In appreciable mouth freshness. Excellent balance and body with long finish.