Alta Mora Etna White DOC



  PRODUCER:  Cusumano


  TYPE:  Carricante

  SUB-WINE REGION: Milo, c.da Praino south slope of Etna and municipality of Castiglione di Sicilia, c.da Verzella

Etna DOC white fresh taste with yellow apple and pear, and the scent of jasmine and thyme.


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Additional Information

Weight 1.20 kg

N. 19.890 bottles produced
Zone of production: Milo, contrada Praino south side exposure; Castiglione di Sicilia, contrada Verzella
Grape:100% Carricante, a native Sicilian grape, set at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level
Average of the vines: 15 years
Cultivation: Espallier, at a density of 6.500 plants per
Production: 6.500 kg of grapes per hectare
Harvest: Manual, second decade of october
Vinification: Light pneumatic pressing, static decanting and racking.
Fermentation between 18°-20°C, period in stainless steel containers on the fine lees for 4 months and successive fining in bottles
Bottles: Liters 0,75

Actually unparalleled Cusumano has succeeded in little more than ten years to establish itself as one of the most important wineries in all of Sicily, and, more generally, throughout the South.
The entire production process aims to maintain those unique features that only Sicily is able to offer, both in the countryside and in the cellar, with the utmost respect of the raw material. This will produce wines that convey a passion for their own territory as in the case of Alta Mora, Cusumano first wine of the vineyard slopes of Etna.

A special place that can produce wines of inimitable refinement and elegance. From vineyards around 15 years of age born Etna Rosso DOC "Alta Mora" 2013 Cusumano, wine with floral and mineral notes, in the best tradition of those features that only the best grapes nerello mascalese are able to donate.
A perfect red for every occasion, great ambassador of Etna wines.

Straw yellow, characterized by a scent from the deep floral notes, mineral and fruity. A trace of hay embellished with hints of citrus opens with a fresh taste, decided, net. Some heat outlines the stretch up to a close with excellent persistence