Aurora Etna White DOC



  PRODUCER: I Vigneri


    TYPE: 90% Carricante and 10 % Minnella

    WINE SUB-REGION: Palmento Caselle, Milo (CT)

AURORA of Etna is a white wine “Etna Superiore” product in Milo, in the area of Caselle (Etna east), to 800 meters. Aurora, means sunrise, is also called a native, small and pretty, butterfly on the Etna.


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The "Maestranza dei Vigneri" ("Winegrowers Guild") was established in Catania in 1435. This important association of vine cultivators working in the Etna region was the foundation stone for professionalism in wine growing and production.
After 500 years, I Vigneri is today the name of a company of winegrowers and producers operating around Etna and in eastern Sicily. The proprietors are vine experts like Salvo Foti (www.salvofoti.it) and a group of local growers from the Etna region.
I Vigneri is the culmination of more than 30 years experience in Eastern Sicily, of historic, social and technical research aimed at achieving "excellence" in wine growing and producing. We have sought to use non-invasive methods and systems, to respect local traditions and our own ancient grape varieties as far as possible, and to avoid the damage that over-reaching ambition and egoism can cause. Our work ethic lies in the pleasure of work well done, without frenzy, in harmony above all with ourselves, and with all that surrounds us: environment, nature, the volcano Etna, which is so much a part of us. I Vigneri is also a holistic system of grape growing and wine production which respects our environment.

Classification: D.O.C. White Etna. Bio wine.
Variety: Carricante 90%, Minnella 10%.
Production area: Palmento Caselle, South-East slope of Etna, in the territory of Milo (CT).
Soil type: Volcanic loose, rich in minerals.
Climate: hilly, characterized by strong temperature fluctuations between day and night.
Altitude: 850 meters above sea level.
Average age of the vines: 30 years.
Harvest: Carried out by hand
Vinification: short cold maceration and subsequent vinification, temperature-controlled fermentation.
Refined in bottles for 6 months.
Alcohol content: 12,5%.
Serving temperature: 12-14 ° C.

Colour: Straw yellow with green highlights.
Aroma: Sharp and defined. Flint, herbs.
Taste: Profiled on acidity, very thin in the mouth along with entry and expansion of ripe fruit.