Ante Etna White DOC



   PRODUCER: I Custodi delle Vigne dell’Etna


   TYPE: Carricante (85%), Minnella, Grecanico, and others.

   SUB-WINE REGION: Sant’Alfio (CT)

Ante is the son of Vulcan, from which it receives its minerality and his sharp backbone of fresh acidity supporting intriguing citrus and complex spicy notes : all the nuances of the historic white vines of Etna.


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San screws of all ages, supported by their chestnut poles, densely populating (9000 plants per hectare) inaccessible terraces of lava stone dry, are grown in harmony with the environment that surrounds them - only by force of hands and the help of Ciccio the mule - as I Vigneri, skilled winemakers Etna. Natural, organic way, as for hundreds of years has always done Etna, no synthetic chemical products, with respect for people, the landscape and nature.

Varietals: Carricante (85%), Minnella, Grecanico, other minor varietals.
Location of Vineyards: Sant’Alfio (Eastern slopes of Mt. Etna)
Vine Training: “alberello” - Sicilian bush training (8.500 plants per hectare)
Age of vineyard: Up to 40 years
Altitude:900 m asl
Exposure: East
Terrain: Sandy, volcanic, very rich in minerals, with subacid reaction.
Climate: Typical high-hill climate, considerable temperature excursions between day and night.
Ripening: Late September to early October with manual harvest.
Vinification: grapes are harvest and selected, brought to the
winery in shallow crates, where the whole clusters are soft-crushed. Fermentation in steel vat at 20°C.
Maturation: In steel tanks for about 12 months
Refinement: In the bottles for at least 6 months
Production: 7,671 bottles and 99 magnums
Alcohol Content: 12%

Eye: greenish straw yellow.
Nose: fruity with hints of aniseed.
Palate: dry, harmonic, good structure, rightly acid.