“Amuri di Fimmina e Amuri di Matri” Etna Rosé DOC



PRODUCER: Al-Càntara

TYPE: Rosé Wine

VARIETIES: Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio


In the true tradition Etna nerello mascalese was red and mostly transparent.
The grapes used are produced from grapes grown on the slopes of Etna at an altitude of about 650 meters above sea level


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2014 - Awarded the third national wine competition Rosé Wines of Italy
2014 - Awarded at Vinitaly

The intuition that a good wine is "poetry", and to do that it takes "art" was born the 'Company: Al-Cantàra. Albeit very young, and was able in a short time to establish itself on the market both for the combination, unique and valuable of its kind, including grapes, poetry and pastels, both for the quality of wines, with thirty years' experience and sensitivity, unique in the wine industry, of our territory has been recognized with several awards in national and international: these include the Vinitaly and Douja D'or, Pramaggiore and the selection of the Mayor and Los Angeles.L'azienda named after the river lapping the Contrada Feudo Santa Anastasia Randazzo (Ct), in which we find our land. We wanted to call it Al-Cantàra not only to emphasize the link with the land of Sicily, but also because "al-Cantàra" Arabic for "bridge" and just like with a bridge, a traditional symbol of union, the company wants to connect art , wine and poetry. The bridge, which links a woman's face with the water stream, it also became the company logo.
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The wine has a pale pink color, which reminds us of the petals of the peach tree. Smell affects the aromatic complexity that distinguishes it for notes of pink and red berries; pineapple and apricot with a hint of minerals. In the mouth it is fresh with a good freshness and flavor. Serving temperature 11 ° C.
Food pairing: Aperitif, cheese, white meat, shellfish.

Variety: Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio
Planted area: 1.6 hectares Nerello Mascalese, 0.4 hectares of Nerello Cappuccio
Production area: Randazzo (CT), Contrada Feudo S. Anastasia
Density of the vines: 6,000 vines per hectare
Altitude: 650 meters a.s.l.
Soil type: Volcanic rich in minerals and Skeleton
Age of the vines: 10 years
Training system: double cordon
Yield: 80 quintals per hectare
Fertilization: organic
Fermentation: maceration with the skins, fermentation at low temperature for 8-10 days. Malolactic fermentation spontaneously to follow
Ageing: 8 months steel, 4 months bottle
Production: 3500 bottles
First year: 2008
Alcohol content: 12 to 13.5% vol.
Capacity of bottle aging: 2-3 years

With this wine, the company tries to reinterpret the tradition of Etna, the union of fire and sea. Maybe it's madness, but passion and respect of this land and the many facets that makes us live is worthy of mention, "wine" only in full compliance with and interpretation of the terroir as something unique and preservation of tradition. The manual harvest takes place in mid-October. The grapes are harvested in boxes, cluster by cluster are pressed and after a cold maceration for 12 hours, you go to the press. After collecting the juice is allowed to settle for 24 hours. The must is purified from substances coarser is fermented in steel tanks with temperatures of 14-16 ° C for about 15 days; passed the stage of the alcoholic fermentation begin aging on the lees.
In February the wine is bottled to keep intact the characteristics of the primary aromas and freshness of its fine.