Business Area

    Is wine your business?
    Etnashire has special prices and services dedicated to you, expecially for distribution and saling of wine (wine bars, restaurants, etc.. ).


    • Customized price list
    • Discounts on your purchase volume
    • Supporting for the purchase of Italian wines are hard to find
    • Possibility of buying food and wine in combination also out of our catalogue.

    Here’s what to do to become a customer business:

    Send an e-mail with your data, the business sector, the VAT and the products or services of your particular interest.
    Within 24 hours you will receive a discount code to be applied in the purchase online that will guarantee special prices and discounts reserved for you.

    For any questions or information, don’t hesitate to contact us:
    +39 349 4335535 – +39 340 9595128